This site is officially retired now... 
Hi everyone,

I have now retired the Sakamoto Babies Blog Website. The girls are no longer babies.

So I have created a new blog site which hopefully will be easier for me to post and it was about time I upgraded. The new site is:

This site is not going away, it will remain for you to review at any time.

Thanks all for reading.

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Disneyworld 2010 - Day 14 
It has been a fun time and when it comes to the evenings, I have been so tired that I haven't been able to keep my eyes open long enough to blog. Must be getting old.

So we are slowly approaching the end of it all with one Disney day left. The Heuver's have gone home and the heater doesn't work on the hot tub anymore. But its been a fun time and not looking forward to the trek lets look backwards instead.

The girls have been having a good time but haven't been able to really last much longer than about 2:00 at the park. They also haven't been sleeping well at nights, especially Kyla who has almost reverted back to the pre-sleep training days.

Overall the girls favorite things to do is swim, play in play parks, go on rides they are allowed to go on, and a few shows...espeically the Ariel show.

At Sea World: Kyla enjoyed the fishes

And the girls had a blast feeding the dolphins (unfortunately I did not get a good picture of it):

But probably the most fun the girls had was at the kids play area where you can play steel drums, play in the sand, climb rope structures and ride on rides...

As you can see, it was still cold out, but things finally did get warmer throughout the week...which was nice. Of course the girls love being out in the pool as I said, and here are some pool pictures:

Days can be long for Kyla. One day we were at Epcot having a sushi lunch at the Japan pavillion, and Kyla decided it was a good place to nap.

And here are some random shots from our Disney days...

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Disneyworld 2010 - The first 5 days 
Wow, 5 days in and about 400 pictures to wade through. I will need to post more often as its hard to figure out which pictures to post. There are probably better pictures but this will have to do.

So up until today, its been brutally cold. In fact, on Friday I believe, it was hotter in Calgary then it was in Orlando, go figure. Today at least we had some semi-decent weather and tomorrow it is supposed to be 20 C. Lets hope so.

But off the the massive number of pictures.

Our first day was at Sea World, and the girls upon entering the park saw one of the characters and Kyla ran up without hesitation and hugged her. Alyssa saw this and ran up and hugged her too, it was very cute...

Then we went to the Stingray pond and Kyla loved it. She would have stayed there all day, this was the best picture but stll doesn't capture the moment of just how much she loved watching those little creatures.

Due to the jet lag, the girls were pretty tired all day. They enjoyed a lot of the animals and shows but hard to take pictures when they were half asleep or a little grumpy.

Day two we went to Hollywood Studios but have no pictures for some strange reason. Girls absolutely loved the Litte Mermaid show as it is one of their favorite movies.

Day three we went to Epcot Centre, and the girls first activity was to go meet the characters. Again, they ran up and hugged Mickey (the first character) but then out of the blue, Kyla decided she was shy and didn't want to really run up and hug any of the others. Here are some of the hugs and poses.

Back at the house, both girls love the pool. Because its been so cold Kyla has spent most of her time in the hot tub, while Alyssa has been mostly playing in the cold pool (pretending she is Ariel of course). Just some pool shots.

Day 4 was spent going to Magic Kingdom, but we first had a special treat. It was Josh's birthday so we started the day off with a Character breakfast and the girls got to meet Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. Kyla once again played a little shy, but unfortunately no real good pictures were taken of her with the characters. Here is Alyssa meeting Lilo and Mickey.

Then during the parade (where all the kids get to follow the characters around the restaraunt) both girls participated, Alyssa by herself, Kyla holding Daddy's hand. When we got back to the table, Kyla loved the parade so much she wouldn't stop playing with the Maraca's.

Of course the rest of the day the girls had a fabulous time at Magic Kingcom, with Kyla waiting anxiously to go on the Astro Orbitor:

Alyssa driving a race car:

Alysssa getting to meet Belle (which actually was a bit of a gong show as she was getting tired and wouldn't actually go to any of the princesses):

And Kyla riding the carousel:

Finally today was spent at Island's of Adventure. Our first day of nicer weather (17 C). In the sun it actually felt warm!

We spent most of the day in Suess Landing since the girls love Dr. Suess stories especially Cat in the Hat. We must have ridden that ride 4 or 5 times. Have lots of pictures of the kids riding all the rides, but you get the idea from this one of Kyla on the carousel again.

When we went for lunch, we went to a Dinasaur centre and one place you pressed a button and it made a loud Dinasaur sound. Alyssa just loved it and probably pushed the button a hundred times.

Then we went to the water play park. Alyssa climbed up and slid down this slide at least 24 times. Her legs were getting so tired that at one point, her legs gave out and she fell over backwards on the stairs. When I reached her, she was a bit stunned but just said: "ha ha, I fell but I am OK. Just a little hurt. I'm going to go slide now".

Weird, right in the middle of writing this post it looks like I lost my pictures. Still on my camera but too late to redownload, so will just show a picture of Kyla on this slide.

Then off to the waterpark as it was finally nice enough for the girls to do that. Alyssa started off as being very careful not to get her dress wet....(didn't last though)

Kyla was full into the water from the first.

And what day would be complete without trying on some funny hats...

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Daddy's Hockey 
Whenever Daddy decides to watch sprots on TV (NHL or NFL) he generally limits to very few games as the girls don't care to watch it. But those important games, he informs the girls "OK, Daddy is watching the game as his team is playing".

I never really thought about those words until the other night. THe Flames were on but I wasn't going to watch the game. It was around the 2nd period when I thought I'd run to our bedroom TV and check the score. WHen I got there I watched maybe 30 seconds when Alyssa ran into the bedrrom.

Alyssa: "HOCKEY!!! Are you watching it"
Daddy: "No, its OK, we can go play"
Alyssa: "It's not your team playing?"
Daddy: "No, Daddy's team is playing but I don't need to watch it"

Alyssa then watched the game intently for 2-3 minutes, I was shocked.

Then she said: "Daddy, which one is you?"

Anyway, things are very good in the Sakamoto household. The girls are just so much fun and playing together really well. Kyla is speaking so many words now and starting to string two or three word sentences together. Kyla has started to sing a bit too, the other night she sang Twinkle Twinkle little star and did all the hand motions to it. Very cute. Kyla also has started to wear dresses and LOVES it. SHe always wears pants to prevent her from scratching so this is fairly new for her, and now all she wants to do is put on dresses.

Kyla has also discovered to take off her pajamas. Every night we put her in pajama's she wakes up naked. That includes her DIAPER!!! THere have been a few nights she wakes up crying and we find her completely soaked, as well as her crib. So now she sleeps in a T-Shirt (which so far she hasn't figured out how to take off) and with panties over her diaper. Don't think that will last long till she figures out how to take them off.

Off to the pictures, starting with dress up. Every day I get home from work I fully expect the girls to be either wearing something fancy, a costume or just random clothes as both love to dress up. Here are some examples:

Here Alyssa decided to put a bunch of stickers all over her and Kyla's face. Kyla also wanted to be Mr T or something...

And Alyssa acting as a Harry Potter Bride..

The other day Mommy made a chocolate cream cheese for a dessert. The girls got to lick the beaters...I think they enjoyed it!

And remember the picture from two summers ago with Kyla drinking a beer. She has gotten more sophisticated and has now moved up to martini's!

And finally the other night Alyssa was in her room for a very long time by herself, this is how she passed the time.

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Christmas 2009 
So the girls now both enjoy the PSP! I have been letting Alyssa watch movies on my PSP on long trips (i.e., to Edmonton) and now Kyla wants to watch too. So now I actually own two, and Kyla is a pro!

This was a very lucrative Christmas for the girls. They got so much, it was crazy. Thanks to everyone and I have no idea where all the new stuff is going to go. One of Alyssa's favorite gifts was some nail polish from Oma and Opa. She spent several hours painting eveyrone's nails, including almost every guy we were around this Christmas. Here she is painting Kyla's and Oma's nails.

In between the Edmonton Christmas and the Lethbridge Christmas, the girls got a bit of downtime. One day Alyssa was allowed to paint. This is what Denise returned to...

Of course, rather then stopping the madness, it's always a good idea to see what happens next...

The Huever's then gave the Alyssa a beautiful Jasmine dress, and Kyla a princess nightie which both loved!

And down in Lethbridge, Alyssa donned everything the girls got (even if it was Kyla's). Not really captured in the picture, she is wearing her own hairband, Kyla's backpack, and Kyla's new shoes.

Back in Calgary today, the girls got to play with all their toys. First they tried out the "body" crayons. Alyssa chose to draw on Kyla much more then herself (smart girl)

They crayons didn't wash off completely, and it looks like Kyla still has a black eye. I can barely wait for everyone to give us those dirty looks tomorrow and send Child Services after us!

Then Kyla played with her new shopping cart and "chubby" baby which she seemed to take a liking to.

The girls then did some Dora sculpture painting, which both did for quite some time.

And finally they had to work off all them treats that they had this past few weeks. Dad put on some dancing music and the girls just spontaneously jumped up and started to dance and dance...

Fun times indeed. Only about 15,000 more things to play with tomorrow!!!

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